Most Asked Questions About Wine Cellars

1.   Why do I need a wine cellar?
Answer:  You need a place to properly store and protect your fine             wines.

2.   Does my wine cellar need to be in the basement?
Answer: A wine cellar can be built where ever you can build a                    climate controlled room.

3.   How much does a wine cellar cost?
Answer: Wine cellars vary in cost,  anywhere from a few thousand           dollars to, "Holy Cow, that much!"

4.   Will a wine chiller do the same thing?
Answer: If you need to store just a few bottles, and want to                        take it with you, a wine chiller will do.

5.   What is the difference between a wine room and a wine cellar?
Answer: A wine room is not climate controlled.

6.   Can I store my white wines at the same temperature as my red             wines?
Answer: Yes for storage, then chill your white wines before serving.

7.   Is there a special type of wood that is used in a wine cellar?
Answer:  A non-aromatic wood is the best choice. (Redwood, Oak)

8.   Can my carpenter build my wine cellar?
Answer: Yes, If your carpenter is familiar with climate controlled             rooms, proper installation of racking and cooling units.

9.   Do I need a special cooling unit for my wine cellar?
Answer:  Yes, not just any cooling unit will do. Have a pro spec this           out for your wine cellar.

10. How long will it take to build my wine cellar?
Answer:  That depends on the size of your new wine cellar. The build       time could be from one to four months.

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