"The man "Behind the Cellar", if you were looking to build your own customized wine 
cellar, and called any of the top cellar builders in the U.S., it would most likely lead to a visit from John Seitz.  He is also the man responsible for the beautiful work done here at Ruth's Chris in Rogers.   John is truly a craftsman who has built a career that is tied to one of his passions".
Ruth's Chris 
Rogers, Ark.
          Providing the professional services you need at affordable prices.                                              .

"John is downstairs building our 600+ wine cellar as I write this. A consumate professional, raconteur, and all around great guy".

Salt lake City, UT.
Phone: (314) 606-1233     E-mail:  magnum1425@charter.net
"One of the most exciting things about having Wine Enthusiast design and build a custom wine cellar in your home, is a personal visit from John Seitz".

@Wine Enthusiast Blog
"American Classic Wine Cellars, has  Master Wine Cellar Builder, John Seitz , building wine cellars all over the country.
Every installation a true work of art, old world style craftsman and dependability goes into every wine cellar built, taking the worry out of getting it done right."

Stephan Del Duca
American Classic Wine Cellars

"John is truly a gifted craftsman.  He did an installation  of Vintage View  racks at a Ruth's Chris  and it turned ou tremendous. His experience  in the wine cellar and storage industry is a true benefit to anyone that engaged with John"

Charlie Malek 
Vintage View Wine Storage System by Wine Master Cellars
"I've worked with and been friends  with John for many years.
He is an expert and truly a "Master Craftsman" in his profession. His work is neat, clean and always compleated in a timely mannor, and with the utmost of care."

Rick Bucci
Preisident RB Housewares
New York, New York
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"If you are seeking a first class project. John would seem to be the logical choice. John brings to the task not only the undestanding and ability to fulfill, but he also brings a passion and pride. Craftmanship is one thing, and John has that. Stepping back and knowing the best work possible was done is another, and just as important. Tim McNally"

Tim McNally
Wine Show Host 
WIST  690 AM Radio
"John is a consumate professional. He is also "THE" go- to guy for any handcrafted wine cellar you desire. If you can envision it, John can build it. His talent is one that comes along only once in a lifetime. He has been living a pretty interesting life along the way, his book details it"

Stu Nudelman
Wine Guy/Host NBC Your Wine List /TV
Host/Wine Talk Radio 
Writer/ Lifestyles and Simply The Best  Magazines

"John has been a guest on our Internationally syndicated Travel Planners Show.

John is extremely knowlegable in the field of wines and thier storage. He has designed and built for the rich and famous as well as many National restaurants.

He also does the same thing for individual home owners. John is the only person I know that can make a storage area into a beautiful work of art.

If you are even remotely serious, you should talk to John. I will also say that you will find John to be a pleasant conversationalist. He is an all around nice guy!"

Kevin and Sue McCarthy
The Travel Planners Show

"I worked with John on a project in a White plains wine store. John was doing a remodeling of the store, and we were all paneling the walls with wine crate panels. John gave the final approval on the wall and we worked together for a few days. When you work with John, you immediately see he's a proffessional. He was very aware of every aspect of the construction project and had a keen eye to avoid roadblocks ahead of time. He's a serious all-business but fair gentleman on the project, yet outside work he's one of the nicest guys you  could meet.

Patrick O'caining
Managing Director
Wine Pine
Wine Pine
"John is an amazing master builder who mastered his craft and created his own niche as a Traveling Wine Cellar Builder. His work is amazing and his work ethic is unmatched."

JF Davis
"The Go Green Guy"
Creator/Host at Go Green America TV

"John Seitz joined me for a conversation on iWine Radio in his capacity as a leading expert  in his field of building wine cellars for personal and professional/ trade use. When one is at the pinnacle of his career, such as John is, they do not hesitate sharing "inside details"....you know they are good at what they do and are passionately confident enough to educate others. The fact that his clientele includes celebrities is a testamnet to his reputation and integrity about keeping  client details private. It was a pleasure to have worked with John. He is The Master Wine Cellar Builder whom I direct iWine Radio listeners to for pursuing the dream of someday owning their own on-site wine cellar. Nov 27 2011

Lynn  Keilow Chamberlain
Host and Producer iWine Radio; Wine and Dine Radio

“John is the person to call if you have a big challenge and want results fast. ”

Owner at Santamary Florist and Greenhouses
Middlefield, Ohio

"John, We just got back from our event and I went straight to my wine room-so special-thanks for making dreams come true. Bryan"

"Very much appreciate your work and diligence and look forward to stocking the cellar" 

"We have a few final touches to do still, but we love it.
Thank you for your hard work and take care,"
John provided my homeowner with a superior wine room project with my assistance and it was on time and on budget. We get great comments on it every time someone sees it in the home. Love it. 
      Done Right Homcare LLC