s Onsite Consultations *
            *$1,000.00 Min Charge
s Existing Wine Cellar Services
s Onsite/Jobsite Education
   For Proper Wine Storage 
s Wine Cellar Designs
s Custom Wine Racks
s Wine Rack Kits
s Cooling Units
s Installation Of All Wine Racks 
s Carpentry Service

                  *Fee based on travel

Wine cellars for all the wine enthusiasts in the world
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*Fee may be used towards purchase of wine cellar
*No refunds on wine cellar consultations
Wine Cellar Inspection
Thermal Imagery

   Check build of room

   Check room for vapor barrier

   Check for insulation

   Check ambient temperature

   Check cooling unit

   Check door installation

   Check windows (if any)

   Check for any defective racking

   Check lighting

   Much, Much, More